Vegetables are preferred by all people, including infants, grownups, and patients because they can be easily digestible and possess high nutritional value. It contributes to the diet as a source of protein, calories, and vitamins, especially complex vitamins, compared to the raw unfermented ingredients. 

However, A lot of people, especially people with type 2 diabetes complain of hunger 3 to 4 hours after consumption of breakfasts like Idly or Dosa. This is because these polished rice and black gram sponges and crepes are quickly digested. It spikes your Blood sugar and your body releases certain hormones to bring down this spike. But, Overstimulation of these hormones, empties the resources in your blood and asks your brain to eat more.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index

We use a score called Glycemic index (GI) to describe the blood glucose response after consuming meal. Studies reveal that the glycemic for idli varies from 75-100 depending upon the proportion we use; these food items have a high GI which implies that it increase blood sugar levels.

When we add vegetables to such foods, we bring down the score, lowering the load on our body. Studies have found that long-term implementation of a Low Glycemic Index diet of South Indian cuisine promote weight loss, enhance insulin sensitivity and reduces cardiovascular risk. There is need to increase the intake of complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index Substituting a portion of quickly digestible carbohydrates with various dietary components, such as fibers, proteins, and unsaturated fatty acids during breakfast, can be an effective approach to achieve positive metabolic outcomes. 

Now what is meant by “Metabolic Outcomes” ?

Outcome of diabetics

Insulin Resistance, Beta-cell Dysfunction, Increased Glycation, Inflammation, Macro and Microvascular Complications and Polyol Pathway Activation. In other words, High Blood sugar levels, HBa1Cs’ are high, abnormal lipid profiles, Dysregulation of nerves, heart, kidney and Brain. When we can lower the risks of developing negative metabolic effects, shouldn’t we? That too in hardly any extra efforts or time.

Conclusion: Why NOW?

Diabetes prevalence has been rising for the past 3 decades and will continue rising all over the world but more speedily in the middle- and low-income countries. By 2025 a fifth of the world’s diabetic patients will be Indian.

This is not because of our cereal-based diet; Its because of the changing lifestyle and Dietary habits. So, take a step to reverse these lifestyle and dietary habits. What am I asking you to do? Firstly, Add any vegetable of your choice directly into this batter before you cook them, like I did. Or pair them with separately cooked Chutney/ Stew/ Sambar with plenty of vegetable. Or, eat your vegetables before cereals based foods to reduce postprandial hyperglycemia in Type 2 diabetes patients Secondly, Stay tuned and follow for more content

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