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Performance Enhancement

Is your performance not improving despite your best efforts ?

You have been training well, eating right and sleeping well too. But your performance is stuck. Does that resonate with you?

It is time to determine your genetic ceiling and to see if you have reached it; while at the same time we can delve into the reasons why your performance is not improving.

Our Tailored Performance Enhancement Offerings

How do we help you?

Step 1

Medical Screening

Do you have a medical condition that is limiting your performance? That is exactly what we will be screening you for. This involves a detailed history, examination and some diagnostics.

Step 2

Nutrition Assessment

Is your diet on track? Are your supplements hurting your gut health? We are about to find out when we do the assessment. Come with images of your food plates and the list of supplements you have been taking.

Nutrition assessment
Performance Diagnostics Ziathlon

Step 3

Fitness Assessment

Have you been training right? We will put you through a battery of fitness tests to find out your current fitness levels. If that matches your need to perform at your best in your sport is what we will tell you once we have the results.

Step 4

Recovery Assessment

Are you recovering enough to stop at overreaching or pushing yourself into overtraining? That is the question to answer when we do the recovery assessment. We will put on a chest strap on to you and take the reading afte 6 minutes, it is as simple as that.

Recovery assessment

Step 5


Once we have all the data, we will give you a list of do’s and don’ts to help you boost your performance. 

If you needs us to hand hold you to reach the podium, join our signature Performance Enhancement Program (PEP)


Although the assessment is for athletes, you can take the assessment if you have hit a plateau in your fitness journey as well.

You may need to come in sportswear that you can change over for the fitness assessment.

You should not have performed intense exercise at least 48 hours prior. Or, else the effects of the intense training may affect the analysis.

The program will be explained to you by the staff at the clinic and you can register at the counter.

The entire process may take at least 3 days. On day 1, you will be completing the history and examination at the doctor’s office along with the nutrition and fitness assessment. On day 2, your blood and urine sample will be collected in the morning. Any other investigations that have been ordered by the doctor (example MRI or Ultrasonogram) may have to be done by you. On day 3, you will have to meet the doctor again to discuss the reports and clearance will be provided as appropriate.

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