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About Ziathlon

Ensuring your athletes’ wellbeing and safety is paramount. Our On-Field Medical Services team is equipped to handle any medical needs during training and competitions, offering immediate care and peace of mind. With us by your side, your athletes can perform at their best, knowing their well-being is in trusted hands.

Medical Weight Loss

Seeking Weight Loss Solutions Beyond the Scale ?

¬†Discover a smarter approach to weight loss through our Medical Weight Loss program tailored for non-athletes. Our expertise helps you navigate a healthier path, ensuring that your weight loss journey isn’t a sacrifice but a transformation. Say goodbye to fad diets and hello to sustainable results, as we guide you toward effective weight management that truly works.

At Ziathlon, we help you lose weight safely under medical supervision!

How do we help you?

Step 1

Medical Screening

The sports medicine doctor will screen you for possible medical conditions that is preventing you from shedding weight easily.

Step 2

Nutrition Assessment

We would like to understand your nutritional habits to help you achieve your goals. This includes a gut health assessment to optimize your digestive capacity.

Step 3

Training Load Analysis

Understanding your training volume and assessing your recovery status is impotant to help you lose fat and gain muscle. So be prepared with details of your training and the recovery methods that you have been using till date.

Step 4


You will be handed a prescription that includes what to eat, how much to train, how to optimize recovery and the supplements that will help you lose weight.

Step 5


You will be put in a WhatsApp group along with the team who will monitor you 24/7 until your goal is achieved. You will have to post images of your food, your hydration, training, sleep, etc. The feedback will be given then and there that has to be incorporated.


No. We do not use any medicine for weight loss. However, if you have a medical condition that needs treatment, that will be included as a part of the prescription.

It is called medical weight loss since a team of medical professionals monitor to ensure safe and sustainable weight loss.

No. We do not prescribe or recommend fat burners as they are harmful to your health.

The supplements are necessary only if there is a gap in your nutrition or you have a nutritional deficiency that needs immediate correction.

Although we do not support veganism, if you insist on being one, please be assured that supplementation becomes mandatory to fill the nutrition gap.

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