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Our Tailored Sports Diagnostics Offerings

Health Diagnostics

Your health status is a direct reflection of your metabolic profile. We have put together a basic set of tests to help you understand your health status.

The below tests apply only for non-athletes.

Fitness Diagnostics

While you have been training to be physically fit, we can help you understand if you are medically fit. So we put together a set of tests to help you see where you stand.

Performance Diagnostics Ziathlon

Performance Diagnostics

You have surpassed the health and fitness stage; now looking to boost your performance and recovery. We have put together a set of tests to help you reach your goal.

Sports Genomics

What do your genes tell you about your health, fitness and performance? Take the test.



Yes, all samples will be picked up from home.

You need to refrain from having food at least 8 to 12 hours prior to blood and urine sample collection.

Ideally no, but if you do exercise you need to inform the doctor at the time of consultation so that the reports will be interpreted in the light of your training.

The health diagnostic tests can be done on any day including when you are on your period. However, the Fitness and Performance have to be according to the period. For more information, you need check with the doctor.

The sample will be collected some time between 6 am to 9 am.

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