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Every game is a combination of skills and fitness. While your coach takes care of the skill development, we can help you develop your athletic abilities to perform better.

Our Tailored Athletic Training Offerings

How do we help you?

Recovery assessment

Step 1

Medical Screening

You will be screened by the sports medicine doctor for any health issues that you may have. This includes a comprehensive history, examination and diagnostics, if necessary.

Step 2

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

After medical clearance, you will be screened for injuries and/or mobility restrictions that may prevent you from training efficiently. If there is an injury, you will be subjected to treatment prior to beginning athletic training.

Functional Movement Screening
Fitness Assessment

Step 3

Fitness Assessment & Movement Analysis

Once the injury has been rehabilitated, an assessment of the fitness parameters like the strength, endurance, flexibility, etc will be done. This serves as a baseline to assess your progression. The trainer will analyze the movements of your sport before designing the exercise program.

Step 4

Exercise Prescription

A periodized training plan will be put in place based on your competition schedule. It will include exercises to correct your deficits and build on your strengths as well.

Exercise Prescription

Step 5

Load Monitoring & Recovery

Your training load will be closely monitored and recovery strategies will be suggested as and when necessary. This keeps you from overtraining and achieving optimal adaptations.

If you are serious about your training and recovery, here’s our signature Performance Enhancement Program (PEP).


Fitness is for health and athletic training is for performance. AT  focuses on improving specific parameters that are necessary for improving performance in sport, based on movement analysis

No, this is not a one-to-one class as in personal training. This will be a one-to-many class but you will be under direct supervision of the trainer who will watch you perform the movement and advise you accordingly.

Yes. If you enroll into the Performance Enhancement Program (PEP), you can work with the athletic trainer on a one-to-one  basis.

Load monitoring is done through various methods. RPE method is the most commonly used method. However, we may use tech devices like HRV monitors and data from smart watches to assess training load and recovery.

Recovery methods like massage, percussion and cryotherapy are included as a part of the Performance Enhancement Program. However, isolated AT does not include recovery methods. But they can be availed at a discounted price.

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