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Elevate Your Athletic Performance with Comprehensive Athlete Health Services!

Our Athlete Health service is designed to provide you with the essential support and guidance you need to excel in your chosen sport. Our offerings are carefully tailored to address two crucial aspects: pre-competitive medical assessment and managing medical illness in sports.

Pre - Competitive Medical Assessment

  • Early Detection: Ziathlon’s PCMA includes metabolic screening to catch hidden medical issues.

  • History and Review: Share history, reviewed by the doctor for insights.

  • Thorough Examination: Detailed general and systemic check to align with history.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Musculoskeletal screening, metabolic tests, and ECG contribute to clearance decisions for various sports.

Medical Illness in Sports

  • Specialized Athlete Health: Athlete wellness, performance focus—custom solutions, bronchospasm, diabetes care, minimal meds.

  • Structured Process: Evaluate history’s effect, diagnose, offer personalized, drug-free treatment for enhanced performance.

  • Continuous Support: Our follow-up sessions ensure your sustained progress, guaranteeing optimal athletic performance while maintaining your health.
Medical Illness in sports

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