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Pre-Competitive Medical Assessment (PCMA)

Are you medically fit for competitive sport?

While habitual physical activity is beneficial for heart health, intense physical activity increases the risk of sudden cardiac death in susceptible persons. Many times, the medical conditions are asymptomatic and hence go undetected. When it comes to the matters of the heart, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At Ziathlon, we conduct PCMA as a screening tool to detect undiagnosed medical conditions that also includes metabolic screening which serves as a baseline assessment for future comparisons.

How do we help you?

Step 1

Medical History

  • Form Completion: Fill out a comprehensive form covering your past, present, and family medical history.

  • Expert Review: Our doctor carefully examines the submitted form and may follow up with additional questions.

  • Initiate the Process: Start the form-filling process right here to initiate the assessment of your medical background.

Step 2

Systemic Examination

  • Comprehensive Assessment: The doctor performs a thorough examination, including both general and systemic aspects.

  • Correlation with History: The examination aims to align with your medical history and identify any corresponding findings.

  • Comprehensive Insight: The doctor seeks to uncover any potential oversights and ensure a holistic understanding of your health.

Step 3

Musculoskeletal Screening

  • Functional Movements: Post-exam, perform movements (squat, duck-walk, shoulder rotate) for musculoskeletal insights assessment.

  • Screening Outcomes: Screening findings lead to thorough musculoskeletal assessment, guided by skilled physiotherapist, upon detection of concerns.

  • Personalized Approach: Assessment offers insights for personalized treatment plans, optimizing your physical well-being.

Step 4


  • Inclusive Metabolic Screen: The PCMA package encompasses a fundamental metabolic screen, covering essential aspects of your metabolism.

  • Convenient ECG at Clinic: An electrocardiogram (ECG) will be administered right at the clinic premises for your ease.

  • Additional Investigations: Should the doctor prescribe any supplementary tests, the responsibility for their completion rests with you.

Step 5


  • Results Discussion: Diagnostic report results lead to thorough in-person review and discussion with doctor.

  • Results determine clearance: All sports, treatment suggestions, or restricted participation.

  • Personalized Path: Tailored clearance based on health, ensuring suitable sports pathway aligned with medical condition.


Although the PCMA is for athletes, the same can be used to provide medical fitness prior to participating in fitness programs and activities like hiking, mountaineering, etc.

You need to refrain from having food at least 8 to 12 hours prior to blood and urine sample collection that is a part of PCMA.

You should not have performed intense exercise at least 48 hours prior to your PCMA. Or, else the effects of the intense training may give false positive findings in the PCMA.

You will be given clearance for participation immediately, if the diagnostic reports are available. However, if the examination is done prior and diagnostics are done later, the clearance is only after the reports have been reviewed.

The entire process may take at least 3 days. On day 1, you will be completing the history and examination at the doctor’s office. On day 2, your blood and urine sample will be collected in the morning. Any other investigations that have been ordered by the doctor (example MRI or Ultrasonogram) may have to be done by you. On day 3, you will have to meet the doctor again to discuss the reports and clearance will be provided as appropriate.

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