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About Ziathlon

Ensuring your athletes’ wellbeing and safety is paramount. Our On-Field Medical Services team is equipped to handle any medical needs during training and competitions, offering immediate care and peace of mind. With us by your side, your athletes can perform at their best, knowing their well-being is in trusted hands.

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In today’s world, a wholesome diet is replaced with factory-made supplements that are not just affecting health, but also shortening the career of the athlete in the long run. A 360 degree approach to sports nutrition includes a sports medicine doctor and sports nutritionist working hand in hand to treat the medical condition and to improve the performance.

At Ziathlon, we ensure that a wholesome diet is the mainstay of your nutrition plan with minimal supplements.

Our Tailored Sports Nutrition Offerings

GAP Analysis
Gut Health Assessment
Micronutrient Deficiency Analysis
Nutrition Planning
Sports Nutrition Program

Step 1


Your body profile will be recorded. This includes:

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Waist Circumference
  4. Hip Circumference
  1. Fat %
  2. Skeletal Muscle %
  3. Visceral Fat Score
  4. Body Water
  5. Metabolic Age
  1. Temperature
  2. Pulse
  3. Respiration
  4. Blood Pressure

Step 2

#Medical Screening

You will be screened for any health conditions by the Sports Medicine Doctor. This includes a comprehensive history, physical examination, and reviewing of the biometrics.

Step 3

Nutrition Assessment

Once the medical screening is complete, the sports nutritionist will analyze your nutrition in detail. Your training history will be assessed to understand the actual requirements to perform a GAP (Intake vs Needs) analysis.

Step 4

# Diagnostics

After the medical screening and GAP analysis, you will be subjected to undergo a battery of tests to detemine the metabolic status and the micronutrient deficiencies that you may have.

Step 5

Nutrition Planning

Once the diagnostics have been reviewed by the sports medicine doctor, the nutritionist will provide you with a detailed meal plan and supplements (only if necessary). The plans will be reviewed from time to time.


Although the PCMA is for athletes, the same can be used to provide medical fitness prior to participating in fitness programs and activities like hiking, mountaineering, etc.

You need to refrain from having food at least 8 to 12 hours prior to blood and urine sample collection that is a part of PCMA.

You should not have performed intense exercise at least 48 hours prior to your PCMA. Or, else the effects of the intense training may give false positive findings in the PCMA.

You will be given clearance for participation immediately, if the diagnostic reports are available. However, if the examination is done prior and diagnostics are done later, the clearance is only after the reports have been reviewed.

The entire process may take at least 3 days. On day 1, you will be completing the history and examination at the doctor’s office. On day 2, your blood and urine sample will be collected in the morning. Any other investigations that have been ordered by the doctor (example MRI or Ultrasonogram) may have to be done by you. On day 3, you will have to meet the doctor again to discuss the reports and clearance will be provided as appropriate.

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